Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Thoughts

I absolutely love to see her beautiful little steel colored eyes watching ever so intently at everything within their range. The hints of green and hazel and sometimes blue, glint with reflections of her world. What is she thinking? Sometimes watching with quiet contemplation having either just awakened from a nap or slowly succumbing to slumber. Other times excitedly surveying the commotion the surrounds her. How does she see the things that often times we see as mundane everyday features of our existence. I can only imagine how her beautiful developing mind views the eccentricities of life. When I ask her what she's thinking, that enchanting little sideways smile is response enough for me that she's pleasantly working it out and it's much less mundane and much more fascinating than we have come to see it. Maybe I should try seeing it from her perspective more often. Maybe we all should.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cloth Diaper Weekend

Well, cloth diaper (CD) trial weekend went pretty well! Tried her in all different diapers including all my pocket brands (rumparooz, fuzzibunz and bumgenius) and the All-in-One Grovia’s that I have. Her bum was a little tiny bit red to start the weekend and I didn’t have an appropriate butt cream that is okay to use on CD’s so I’ll have to get something before going full out! But I actually plan on starting the CD’s at daycare next week. I’m excited! She looks so cute in her fluffy bum covers :). Although Marc made the comment that she looks like how some old ladies look with big bottoms on. That’s another thing, I’ll have to see how Marc does with the CD’s because he has yet to change one! :)

Starting daycare with CD’s will be interesting. I’ll have to see which ones work best for her little bum because I may need to get a few more to fill out my stash. It’s kind of addicting getting new ones! Ms. Sue, who takes care of Mila at daycare, said her son and daughter-in-law will be using CD’s for their little one due in May. She said her son was all excited to find a camo patterned CD. I said, there’s Marc all over! Guess I might have to find her one too!

The other thing I have to think about is getting the diapers washed and sunning them so that they don’t stain. By the time I get home and wash the diapers, there’s not much time left for sunning. So that will be our next baby adventure, cloth diapers here we come!!