Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Field Day

No, this wasn't the field day at the end of the school year where we played egg toss or ran a three legged race (which my sister and I rocked at by the way), this was me trying to get back into the field at an archaeology dig! Yes, I was excited as it has been quiet a while since I've dusted off my old trowel but ti was waiting with dirt from my last archaeological adventure. Sunday I volunteered at a dig right near my home at Chatfield State Park. It was a mammoth dig! Don't get too excited, it wasn't an entire mammoth, but currently they have revealed a mammoth tusk and the day before I was on site, a mammoth tooth. It's all a part of a bigger project of scientists from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to discover and reexamine mammoth sites and collections in order to gain more evidence that humans reached North America much earlier than what is widely accepted. This project is led by Dr. Steven Holen who I got to meet briefly at the site.

Well, getting back into the field was definitely fun, but Sunday was a HOT day. Because I'm still nursing I ended up leaving halfway through the day so as not to get dehydrated. I was disappointed that I wasn't able to finish the day but I had to remind myself that I'm literally taking baby steps back into these kinds of things. I did enjoy getting my trowel dirty and got to see mammoth bones in situ that have been there for several millennia so it was a good experience.

My next task is to find a way to gain some contacts so that I can market and network my skills! Hmmm... where to start?!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sad Day

Yesterday was a very sad day here in Colorado. A young man decided he needed to take the lives of innocent people and to physically and emotionally wound those who somehow escaped his murderous rampage. There is no use in trying to determine why this was done. Only one person knows and that would be the shooter. God doesn't even know why people do such things. Twelve people lost their lives, the youngest being a 6 year old girl. My heart aches for the victims and their families. As I read about people those who lost their lives they all had so much life to live and it was just taken from them in an instant. Those who survived, no doubt will carry a heartache that I can't imagine. I pray for them all.

I look at my baby girl sleeping peacefully in her crib and think about what her future holds in such a world. But I can't think like that. I have always felt that each and every moment we have on this Earth to be a blessing. Jessica Ghawi, one of the victims shared the same view. So although we like to prepare for future events, the future is not guaranteed. Take each moment, be thankful in that moment.

Say a prayer and remember and celebrate life and the lives of those who lost theirs yesterday.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


What values are you looking for in a job?

When I was asked that question, I must admit I was slightly confused. Values... values... values... I kept thinking in my head. "Learning... growth... flexibility?" No, those aren't values, those are benefits. This took a bit more contemplation on my part. The question was posed by a career coach that I've been working with. Why would I need a career coach? Well, the obvious reason is to get out of the job I've been at for almost 8 years. But as we've progressed it's more than that, it's to gain focus.

So what are the values I want in a job?

4. Integrity

After working so long with lawyers (you know the old "Dewey Cheatem & Howe") I'd like to be in a career that I feel is honest and ethical.

3. Initiative

For so long my job has consisted of monotonous, repetitive tasks. I would like to work in something where I can take on responsibility and challenges.

2. Independence

As an assistant to others I can have my own way of getting things done but I always have to be "on call" for the attorney's immediate requests. I would like to be in a position where I can work independently but also be able to bring results to a team.

1. Achievement

My number 1 value is Achievement. As I said, I've been in a monotonous, unfulfilling job for so long, I want to be in a career where I am able to utilize my abilities and feel accomplished at the end of the day.

These values aren't just what I want in a career. I want to make them a part of my every day life. Since my graduation in Decemeber 2010, I feel like I have been complacent in my values as they pertain to my responsibilities to the earth. Most especially since I will be bequeathing our Earth to my baby girl I think I should make more of a concerted effort in how I live. Not only how I live but taking the initiative (one of my values) to take part in things I feel need to be changed. I recently came across a project called "The Story of Stuff Project" and it described exactly what I was looking for. Annie Leonard founded this non-profit in 2008 after she had created a 20-minute movie about stuff and our relationship to it. There is a big problem in our policy and our treadmill economy and I want to be a part of the change. So along with my career search, this will also be a big part of my next adventure. In fact, it may even be a part of my career focus direction... only time will tell. Come along with me as I take this journey!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Yes, I know I said I was going to do better on keeping up with my blog and here I am two weeks after my last blog. I had been doing so good! Well, no worries, I intend to get back on track. The last couple of months I have been trying to gain focus on where I want to go in my career life. I've been at my current job almost 8 years! That would be great for someone who wanted to be in law but I started my current job as a way to pay the bills and work through school. I've done both of those (still paying the bills though) and graduated almost 2 years ago and here I am, still in the same position. I am very grateful to have a job in this economy but I feel slightly selfish in saying... I want more. So I've been reevaluating my core values and what I want in a career. And well, let's face it, in life also because so much of our time is spent at our jobs I think it needs to be something worthwhile if you're spending time away from those you love most.

Through this introspection, as well as the professional help of the MBTI and Strong assessment, I've discovered that I have a need to find personal meaning in my work, I like to solve problems and I am committed to institutions and projects that reflect my values. And of all the areas listed in my assessment, I am drawn to the Life and Social Sciences category. What a co-inky-dink! My degree in Anthropology fits right in with that!

Now it is time for me to focus my broad goals into a well defined career and life goals. It seems like a daunting task... we shall see! But we always have to have a place to start and what better place to start then with my values.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1st trip to the mountains

This weekend was Mila's first camping trip! I must clarify, not camping in the traditional sense with tent and cook stove bit with our trailer which can be hooked up to a power source. :) baby steps as the saying goes! It was a short trip as we headed up Saturday morning and left sunday mid morning but we had fun. And Mila did great! She took good naps, she slept mostly through the night. There was an hour from 2:00 am - 3 that she decided she was done sleeping but after a lot of rocking and patting, and eventually nursing her is what got her back to sleep. Then she just wanted to keep sleeping after that! It was the dog that had an issue when we wanted to nap with the baby and he kept pacing inside the trailer! I was hoping he wouldn't do that in the evening and he actually did better than the baby at that time! He even missed the coyotes tipping and howling! It was right after I had gotten Mila back to sleep and I thought for sure he was going to her them and start pacing and barking but thankfully, he didn't even move!

The weather was a beautiful mid 70s with an afternoon rain on Saturday to cool down. But in the direct sunlight we could still feel that heat!

I, being a diligent mom (overprotective some might say) made sure the little one's delicate skin was covered as much as possible and used baby safe sunscreen on the skin that wasn't. She had her always fashionable hat to top it all off. She doesn't look like it bothered her does she?! :)

So our first family camping trip was a success. I would eventually like to try tent camping with her, but I'll need to make sure we're fully prepared for that!