Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1st trip to the mountains

This weekend was Mila's first camping trip! I must clarify, not camping in the traditional sense with tent and cook stove bit with our trailer which can be hooked up to a power source. :) baby steps as the saying goes! It was a short trip as we headed up Saturday morning and left sunday mid morning but we had fun. And Mila did great! She took good naps, she slept mostly through the night. There was an hour from 2:00 am - 3 that she decided she was done sleeping but after a lot of rocking and patting, and eventually nursing her is what got her back to sleep. Then she just wanted to keep sleeping after that! It was the dog that had an issue when we wanted to nap with the baby and he kept pacing inside the trailer! I was hoping he wouldn't do that in the evening and he actually did better than the baby at that time! He even missed the coyotes tipping and howling! It was right after I had gotten Mila back to sleep and I thought for sure he was going to her them and start pacing and barking but thankfully, he didn't even move!

The weather was a beautiful mid 70s with an afternoon rain on Saturday to cool down. But in the direct sunlight we could still feel that heat!

I, being a diligent mom (overprotective some might say) made sure the little one's delicate skin was covered as much as possible and used baby safe sunscreen on the skin that wasn't. She had her always fashionable hat to top it all off. She doesn't look like it bothered her does she?! :)

So our first family camping trip was a success. I would eventually like to try tent camping with her, but I'll need to make sure we're fully prepared for that!

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