Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hyper preparedness and Hiccups

As you all know, I like to be well informed/educated on things that will be impacting my life. This baby being one of them. However, there is something to be said for being hyper-prepared. I asked my husband yesterday if he thinks I'm reading too much about pregnancy and baby. Without a millisecond of hesitation his answer was "Yes". He makes a good point. He wants it to be an adventure that we encounter together. And after all, that's what my blog is about, life's adventures! It's true, women have been giving birth for centuries and yes, medical science has come a long way in improving some aspects of childbirth, but I guess, sometimes, it's okay to let nature take it's course. Mom said, if she'd ever read a book about having babies, she probably wouldn't have had them! (I know she says this with all of a mothers love :) So, I've decided to take a step back from my books and not try to read them like I'm on a deadline to D-Day!

On another note... I was laying in bed on Sunday morning waiting for the alarm when I felt the little bun shifting around. It seemed like she picked a comfortable spot and decided to kick me at a constant beat. It took me a second to realize that she wasn't kicking... she had the hiccups! It felt similar to a soft kick but it was at a constant pace and lasted for about two minutes. I was excited because I had read (ahem) that some women start feeling hiccups around this time! (See... books are helpful too! :)

We'll see what the next adventure brings!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Time Flies

How does it happen? Slowly at first. It starts as a Monday morning fog. Ugh... I have to go to work again?! Oh, don't forget I have to go shopping tomorrow. The dog needs to go to the vet Thursday... Meet friends for dinner on Saturday and before you know it, it's Monday again! That's what it felt like for this past year in which my little nephew grew from a little hairy infant... 
To a 1 year old cutie pie!

Yes... time does fly! I wasn't present for my little hito's birth but I'm so glad I was there to celebrate his first birthday. 

It was a wonderful day. The weather wasn't too incredibly hot and there was plenty of food. Grandma Pauline was the planner and organizer and Grandpa Pete was the grill master. Just sitting there enjoying the day and the atmosphere I kept thinking to myself, these are the moments I live for. The smiles, the laughter, the picture perfect moments. 
ok... that's not really my tummy. That's a balloon. :)

here's me with sissy, tummy to tummy. 

The key to these moments is to take them in with every breath. Otherwise, they'll pass just as quickly as the Monday fog.

Keep livin, laughin and lovin!

Happy 1st Birthday Elias!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Belly diary entry: belly dancing

Tonight is the first time it feels like the baby is doing summersaults in my belly! And she kind of sneaks them in too! Just when I think she's settled down I get a nice kick to the back! This is the most active she's been! (and forceful too!)
Because we're not telling anyone the name, the family has taken to calling her "bun" as in, I'm the oven. :) Because of these "sneak attacks" I may have to start calling her ninja bun!

Here's to some goodnights rest! (hopefully!)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Theme park or retailer?

I had never really heard of Ikea until it was announced that they would be building one here in the Tech Center. Apparently... it was a big deal. Well, it finally opened two weeks ago. Prior to the big opening the store sent out a catalog to just about everyone I know. It's not like it's just the small mailer magazine catalogue but a 375 page whopper! Can you imagine how much they spent on that?

So, I wasn't like chomping at the bit to get over there because, like I said, I'd never been there. Especially after a coworker at Marc's job said they'd waited 1/2 hour just to get into the parking lot... also, my sister said she had gone last Sunday and they had to stand in line to get in! But on Thursday evening Marc came home and asked if I'd like to run over there to look around. I thought, well, maybe it will be less busy on a week night.

I was pretty much right, but it was still pretty busy. We drove into the area of the parking lot... or should I say, what I thought was the parking lot... and there are cones everywhere. It turns out, these cones are directing our cars in the direction of the parking facility, along with people to help point you in the right direction! It's like driving into Disneyland, or a big concert or something! So then after the traffic directors send us to a parking spot, we have to follow the signs leading to the entrance. Luckily, because it was a weeknight, we didn't have to wait in line to go in.

You walk in and there are maps for the store! Maps! When was the last time you walked into Walmart and they handed you a map?! Disneyland... yes.... Walmart...  no! On the back of the map there is a place to write down the items you like, their number, etc. There are also little pencils like when you go mini golfing and finally a paper tape measurer so you can measure items you like.

So we go through the store, looking at the little rooms they have set-ups they have and it almost feels like Disneyland when it keeps going and you're thinking... are we done yet? Also like Disneyland they have a restaurant but we didn't go in because by the time we were finished... yes, we were famished but there was a damn line!

All in all, it was quite an experience. I must say, they do need more rides. As a word of advice, I would definitely go on a weeknight or weekday but eat before going and wear comfortable shoes. That is also advice I would give for someone going to a theme park! :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friends, Food, Fun

Last night we had dinner at a friend's house to meet their new little girl. Me, being the ninny that I am, forgot to bring my camera so I have no pictures to share with you! :( This is a friend we've known since middle school and it's just so wonderful to see her in her motherly role. She has taken to it so naturally and I only hope I'll be the same. 

When it came time to hold their beautiful little girl, I was not hesitant! She's so tiny! But at two weeks old, she's already holding her head up fairly well. She's as light as a cloud compared to my almost one year old nephew but that goes without saying. But she's a cute little squirmer. Marc didn't want to hold her, I think because she looks so tiny. I said he'll have to do it eventually! He agreed but said he'll hold his nephew soon enough. :)

It was nice to have dinner and talk with great friends. It was greta to watch their two year old little boy be silly. That's the first time we've gotten to be around him without other people there and he was starting to be silly and show off, so hopefully we won't wait too long to do dinner again so that he remembers us. He's learning "head, shoulders, knees and toes." 

This weekend we're heading up to Red Feather Lakes. I am going to go grab my camera right now so that I can post pictures on my next entry. Until then!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I like to be prepared. That's the nice way to put it. This came up yesterday when Marc and I were attending a class called "Introducing your dog to your new baby". I was the least far along in my pregnancy than any of the other women in that class. Most of them appeared to be pretty close to the end. As we were walking out with a couple I told her when I was due and she said "Wow! You're starting early with the classes!" to which Marc replied "She's VERY prepared" with only a slight hint of irritation at having had to sit through the class. (My mom would call it being anal). But yes, I like to be prepared. That being said, it doesn't mean that I will be able to do exactly what I'm supposed to do when the time arises, but at least I will have done by best to try to be prepared.

The class was helpful and the instructors had good suggestions. However, there was something odd about the main instructor. He never had kids. He had dogs all his life, but never had kids. How do you teach the class if you've never had kids. Well, he knew a lot about dogs and their behavioral cues and such, but he often looked to the second instructor, who was an animal behaviorist and mother. I was wondering why she wasn't teaching most of the class. She had her dog as a demonstrator. He was a mix of boxer and something else she wasn't sure of but quite a beautiful dog. His name was Clyde. All in all, I had pretty much read most of the information I had received in Michael Wombacher's book, Good Dog, Happy Baby which I highly recommend. But it wasn't a complete waste of time because it reinforced what I'd read and told Marc we needed to institute (since he hasn't read the book as I suggested :)

Our next class will be the childbirth preparation class. That will take place in October, a bit closer to the due date. That will be... exciting... :)