Sunday, August 14, 2011

Theme park or retailer?

I had never really heard of Ikea until it was announced that they would be building one here in the Tech Center. Apparently... it was a big deal. Well, it finally opened two weeks ago. Prior to the big opening the store sent out a catalog to just about everyone I know. It's not like it's just the small mailer magazine catalogue but a 375 page whopper! Can you imagine how much they spent on that?

So, I wasn't like chomping at the bit to get over there because, like I said, I'd never been there. Especially after a coworker at Marc's job said they'd waited 1/2 hour just to get into the parking lot... also, my sister said she had gone last Sunday and they had to stand in line to get in! But on Thursday evening Marc came home and asked if I'd like to run over there to look around. I thought, well, maybe it will be less busy on a week night.

I was pretty much right, but it was still pretty busy. We drove into the area of the parking lot... or should I say, what I thought was the parking lot... and there are cones everywhere. It turns out, these cones are directing our cars in the direction of the parking facility, along with people to help point you in the right direction! It's like driving into Disneyland, or a big concert or something! So then after the traffic directors send us to a parking spot, we have to follow the signs leading to the entrance. Luckily, because it was a weeknight, we didn't have to wait in line to go in.

You walk in and there are maps for the store! Maps! When was the last time you walked into Walmart and they handed you a map?! Disneyland... yes.... Walmart...  no! On the back of the map there is a place to write down the items you like, their number, etc. There are also little pencils like when you go mini golfing and finally a paper tape measurer so you can measure items you like.

So we go through the store, looking at the little rooms they have set-ups they have and it almost feels like Disneyland when it keeps going and you're thinking... are we done yet? Also like Disneyland they have a restaurant but we didn't go in because by the time we were finished... yes, we were famished but there was a damn line!

All in all, it was quite an experience. I must say, they do need more rides. As a word of advice, I would definitely go on a weeknight or weekday but eat before going and wear comfortable shoes. That is also advice I would give for someone going to a theme park! :)

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Anonymous said...

It's like a Zoo, especially when there's tons of people you're looking at people in the little fake rooms...exactly like a zoo! :)