Thursday, August 4, 2011


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I like to be prepared. That's the nice way to put it. This came up yesterday when Marc and I were attending a class called "Introducing your dog to your new baby". I was the least far along in my pregnancy than any of the other women in that class. Most of them appeared to be pretty close to the end. As we were walking out with a couple I told her when I was due and she said "Wow! You're starting early with the classes!" to which Marc replied "She's VERY prepared" with only a slight hint of irritation at having had to sit through the class. (My mom would call it being anal). But yes, I like to be prepared. That being said, it doesn't mean that I will be able to do exactly what I'm supposed to do when the time arises, but at least I will have done by best to try to be prepared.

The class was helpful and the instructors had good suggestions. However, there was something odd about the main instructor. He never had kids. He had dogs all his life, but never had kids. How do you teach the class if you've never had kids. Well, he knew a lot about dogs and their behavioral cues and such, but he often looked to the second instructor, who was an animal behaviorist and mother. I was wondering why she wasn't teaching most of the class. She had her dog as a demonstrator. He was a mix of boxer and something else she wasn't sure of but quite a beautiful dog. His name was Clyde. All in all, I had pretty much read most of the information I had received in Michael Wombacher's book, Good Dog, Happy Baby which I highly recommend. But it wasn't a complete waste of time because it reinforced what I'd read and told Marc we needed to institute (since he hasn't read the book as I suggested :)

Our next class will be the childbirth preparation class. That will take place in October, a bit closer to the due date. That will be... exciting... :)


LLHutcheson said...

Hey Tara,

Having worked in labor and delivery and going through school to be a midwife, be sure to ask the L&D nurse for the first blanket and hat they put on your little girl (if you are not freaked out by it) or even a hat and blanket from after the first bath so that Marc can take it home ahead to get your doggie used to the smell


Adventurer said...

Thanks Lauren! That is one of the things that I had learned from the book I was reading. I didn't know you're going to school to be a midwife! That's great!