Friday, July 29, 2011

Half Way There at 20 weeks!

Today was the big day! We had our ultrasound this morning! First of all, let me say that everything on the ultrasound shows a healthy baby! Second, it's a girl! We're both very excited. It makes it both more exciting and more real as now we can call the baby "her" instead of "it" :). I must admit, I had a bit of an inkling that it was a girl because the past couple of weeks my brain kept wanting to say "her"!

Well, that was the big news of the day but I can't believe I'm already 20 weeks! It's unbelievable that in another 20 weeks we'll be meeting our little girl! I'm a little freaked out! The other funny thing is that most people can't even tell I'm pregnant. This is me at 20 weeks
20 weeks!
So this afternoon I'm supposed to meet with a pediatrician. I'm really not sure what to ask him about. I printed off a little worksheet from BabyCenter's website but I've never  interviewed a doctor before. Guess I'll have to go off of the office and gut feeling after talking with him. 

I also have a new widget on my blog, if you didn't notice so you can keep track of my progress. This weekend I think my sissy and I will get together for baby shower plans now that we know what we're having! Exciting!!

Until next time!


Pete said...

So Grandpa is going to have a little girl to Love and Adore and call Princess and Love and Adore and,,,,,
Yay, I knew it would be a girl, just had a gut feeling all along you know! So now Elias will have a cousin and Grandma and Grandpa will have a precious little girl to Love and Adore and call Princess and, well you get the point!

~G said...

You look so beautiful! I'm glad you and baby are doing well! It's funny reading your blog. Women each go through very commom experiences in life, but it is interesting how different each experience is :) Keep being "anal"! You'll find it will serve you and your little one well.