Thursday, July 14, 2011

That was so cool!

Being that I'm now nearing the middle of month four, I'm supposed to start feeling baby movement. So last week I'm trying to concentrate on my tummy laying calmly on the couch with my hands resting on my tummy. For me, trying to stay still and be zen is difficult most times so this never lasted to long and I would be somewhat frustrated that I hadn't felt anything. A couple times I thought I felt what was like a muscle twitch every now and then in my tummy region but it was really subtle and I only noticed it a couple times. So I decided that I think that's baby movement. (It could be gas but I'd rather think positively).

So last night after I had blogged about my sadness at the last of the Harry Potter films I had put away the laptop and was watching some tv. The hubby came over to me and put his lips to my preggo belly (which is finally starting to show) and I thought he was just gonna give it a kiss (aw... how sweet). All of a sudden he starts speaking to my belly with his lips pressed firmly against it... kinda like Dori on the Disney movie Finding Nemo when she's trying to speak whale. And he's saying "Baby! Can you hear me?! This is daddy!" and then he blow a couple rasberries on my tummy! I was laughing so hard! So then he just sat there and put his hand on my belly. All of a sudden there were these distinct little "thump thump thump's" right where his hand was. He looked up at me with eyes wide and a big smile and said "that wasn't your heartbeat!". The baby did it a couple more times for him and it was so cool! It is one of those moments you'll never forget because we experienced it together and it was very definite!

I guess you might say our baby is starting out on the right educational track as we begin multi lingual training in whale! :)

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That is so cool!