Friday, August 5, 2011

Friends, Food, Fun

Last night we had dinner at a friend's house to meet their new little girl. Me, being the ninny that I am, forgot to bring my camera so I have no pictures to share with you! :( This is a friend we've known since middle school and it's just so wonderful to see her in her motherly role. She has taken to it so naturally and I only hope I'll be the same. 

When it came time to hold their beautiful little girl, I was not hesitant! She's so tiny! But at two weeks old, she's already holding her head up fairly well. She's as light as a cloud compared to my almost one year old nephew but that goes without saying. But she's a cute little squirmer. Marc didn't want to hold her, I think because she looks so tiny. I said he'll have to do it eventually! He agreed but said he'll hold his nephew soon enough. :)

It was nice to have dinner and talk with great friends. It was greta to watch their two year old little boy be silly. That's the first time we've gotten to be around him without other people there and he was starting to be silly and show off, so hopefully we won't wait too long to do dinner again so that he remembers us. He's learning "head, shoulders, knees and toes." 

This weekend we're heading up to Red Feather Lakes. I am going to go grab my camera right now so that I can post pictures on my next entry. Until then!

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