Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Field Day

No, this wasn't the field day at the end of the school year where we played egg toss or ran a three legged race (which my sister and I rocked at by the way), this was me trying to get back into the field at an archaeology dig! Yes, I was excited as it has been quiet a while since I've dusted off my old trowel but ti was waiting with dirt from my last archaeological adventure. Sunday I volunteered at a dig right near my home at Chatfield State Park. It was a mammoth dig! Don't get too excited, it wasn't an entire mammoth, but currently they have revealed a mammoth tusk and the day before I was on site, a mammoth tooth. It's all a part of a bigger project of scientists from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to discover and reexamine mammoth sites and collections in order to gain more evidence that humans reached North America much earlier than what is widely accepted. This project is led by Dr. Steven Holen who I got to meet briefly at the site.

Well, getting back into the field was definitely fun, but Sunday was a HOT day. Because I'm still nursing I ended up leaving halfway through the day so as not to get dehydrated. I was disappointed that I wasn't able to finish the day but I had to remind myself that I'm literally taking baby steps back into these kinds of things. I did enjoy getting my trowel dirty and got to see mammoth bones in situ that have been there for several millennia so it was a good experience.

My next task is to find a way to gain some contacts so that I can market and network my skills! Hmmm... where to start?!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you! Baby steps are good. The more you take the closer you'll get. ;) Just keep moving. Live your dream and do what you love. You can do anything! 1-2-3 TARA!