Sunday, May 18, 2014


There are some things that are so adorable you wish they'd never grow out of. I've heard some people refer to them as toddler-isms. For Mila, she has some really cute things she says. "Oatmilk" instead of oatmeal. "What's that making loud?" when something is loud (obviously :) "Roni cheese" for macaroni and cheese. Something that she just started saying when I tell her it's time for a nap or to eat her dinner "I just already..." For example "I just already wake up from nap" when what she means is she woke up from sleeping in the morning. Or "I just already take a bite".

Another cute one, for those of you who know her, Mila talks very clear for her age. The only thing I've noticed that she doesn't do clearly are her words with "st". For example she says "resaraunt" instead of restaurant. Or "Sop" for Stop. And one we really have to watch out for is "suck" for stuck. That one through me the first time she said it :)

Mila is also very specific when she talks as well. How this enter's into conversation as an example, she likes to remove whatever footwear she's wearing when she's in her carseat on our way to somewhere. I'll tell her "leave your shoes on!" and if she happens to be wearing sandals she'll say "No mama, these are sandals". Or we were riding in daddy's truck one day and she wanted to listen to the Spanish CD I play for her in my car. I told her "we don't have that music in this car" and she said "no mama, this is a truck". I really have no idea where she got that trait from :)


Pete Salazar said...
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Pete Salazar said...

Her's a "GENIUS"!!!!