Saturday, November 27, 2010

Too much stuff!

I have come to the conclusion that I have too much stuff! Yesterday I spent the whole day cleaning/reorganizing our bedroom. Now, we have a small house as it is and it would appear to the general observer that our bedroom is full of piles of all sizes on some days, however, having dealt with the piles yesterday and trying to find places for everything quite unsuccessfully, I finally got to the point where I just said "screw it, this stuff is going to Goodwill!" This was mainly just clothes, mind you, and only mine, not Marc's! He has an overabundance of t-shirts that can probably suffocate myself or the dog should we fall beneath it's mountainous avalanche one day. So I did get rid of a fair amount of clothes, but as I told mom, I didn't want to get rid of everything lest I be left with my birthday suit for work. I don't think that would be very professional.

And the closet... that's a story in itself. For those of you who don't know about my house, we seem to have ugly spiders in the lower level. I mean UGLY! I looked up the ugliest of the breeds we have found and discovered it was called a sun spider (for the curious soul, follow this link and it is the last picture on the page... ugly right?!!). Well, as environmentally unfriendly as it is, I usually spray in our closet at least once a year to kill the suckers and then I find their disgusting remains all curled up in the corners. There were about 10 of them yesterday... yuck! Poised in a position similar to Aragog in the Chamber of Secrets movie. Luckily they didn't move or have thousands of others come attack me. So, up in the vacuum they went!

So, one whole day for one room! And I still have the office upstairs that is currently in disaster mode so I know that will be another day in itself. So yes, I think we have way too much stuff, or we have a lack of organizational skills. Either way you look at it, it is probably more efficient to organize when you have less stuff!

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