Saturday, November 13, 2010

Once again I have taken leave of my blogging duties. My last semester of school got a bit hectic there for about a month but last weekend I finished the last of the major projects for this semester and it felt like such a relief! Graduation is only a month away! I've worked a long time for this and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter! I feel like I have put a lot of things off in pursuit of my degree and I can't wait to take the next steps in my life after school! Everyone always comments when I tell them that my degree is in Anthropology, "what are you gonna do with that!" Well, whatever I want to. Whether or not I get a job in the anthropological realm, this is something that I have accomplished for myself! That being said, of course I want a job doing something that I'll enjoy. Will it be archaeological in nature? We'll have to see. I think my main goal has always been to work in a museum. The atmosphere, like being on a college campus is thick with knowledge  and it permeates with the past, the whole spectrum of humanity and before. That's where I want to be! Enough about me....

Recently, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science has been on a dig in Snowmass Colorado uncovering ice age mammoths! But I must clarify, this is the realm of the Paleontologist not the Archaeologist. As an archaeologist we often get the question "so you like digging up dinosaurs?" That's not what we do! We dig to discover the human past. From the Pharaohs of old, to the everyday residents of frontier Colorado. My interest in the Snowmass dig is because I had volunteered in DMNS's Prehistoric Journey in the early part of my education at Metro and had learned about Mammoths, and Three Towed Sloths so it was something I was familiar with. If you're interested in seeing the work in Snowmass here's the daily field reports link on the DMNS website. Enjoy!

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