Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Drake's Mom

I have been Drake's mom for exactly 2 years and three months and nearly everyday is an adventure. For all parents we must learn to expect the unexpected. One day everything can be fine and dandy, the next day your in the emergency room because they won't stop throwing up. It's only later that night, when they finally throw up the remains of tennis ball and look at you with that tail wagging that you realize your mistake. For those of you who don't know, Drake is our chocolate labrador.

When my husband first brought up the idea of getting a dog I was a little... strike that... very hesitant. Before this time, I had only limited experience as a dog owner. As a child we had a couple of puppies but circumstances limited there time as members of the family so I never had the bonding experience. Marc, on the other hand, had grown up with both dogs and cats so it was a normal part of his life. Seeing my apprehension Marc pointed out that because I got to go to school, he should be able to get a dog. Although his logic was somewhat flawed considering I was working and going to school, (I didn't see how was that a privilege)... but I relented. So on October 13, 2008 our litter was born... that is, the litter that contained Drake. From the moment we picked him up, I was hooked. Those little floppy ears and soft fuzzy fur. I should have known then...

When we got him home that night he pooped on the carpet. Since that time he's kept us on our toes. I tried to keep a diary of Drake events but as you will see from the first few months there were too many instances to count! His first year went something like this:

March 2009: Drake eats Marc's wedding ring, a latex glove, a tennis ball (previously mentioned), a portion of my wooden dish drying rack. All of which were later recovered successfully on the other side...
April 2009: Drake eats a $400 check left on the table by Marc. (not successfully recovered)
May/June 2009: One of my socks goes missing... sock later recovered by hunting trainer.
July-ish... Drake eats poisonous mushroom, is rushed to emergency and given charcoal and fluids. Makes recovery while overnight at the vet and decides to eat his I.V., needle and all.
Sometime that fall... Drake chews the siding on of the house... yum.
Some other time within the that first year... Drake crushes an unopened dog food can with his jaw to squeeze as much of the food out as possible through the holes made with his teeth.

Several scrapes to the ear, side and paw, along with bouts with almost every known protozoal gastrointestinal bacteria later... brings us swiftly to present day.

As with most first time parents Drake has taught me many things, chief among them, leave nothing within reach! Also, never underestimate what a dog might try to eat because you will surely pay. Finally, those little puppy dog eyes will get you every time!

Life with Drake is certainly an adventure and I wouldn't trade a minute of it... well, maybe a couple minutes here and there in order to prevent doggy sickness and hefty veterinary bills, but other than that I'd do it all again  in a heartbeat!

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