Monday, March 7, 2011

To the movies!

I love going to the movies, I always have. There's just something about letting a story unfold in front of you in an hour and a half or more to get outside of your own storyline into another world. There are the movies we get caught up rooting for one character or another. Of course, some movies are easier to loose yourself in then others. This movie was one of those that totally envelopes you and you can't wait to see what will happen next, The Adjustment Bureau. This movie is based on a short story written by science fiction author Philip K. Dick ( Unfortunately, there was something that kept us tethered to the realization that we were in a theater and not within the intriguing world of the "case officers"  akin to bureaucratic guardian angels. I say something, but I actually mean someone. 

We arrived at the theater fairly early and got our favorite seats in the front row of the stadium seating, near the center and where we can put our feet up on the railing. Waiting for the movie to start a woman sat on the end of the same row we were in. She sat with her legs on the rail and had a clipboard on her lap. Not unusual, maybe she's reviewing the movie. The usual background music was playing and that's when it started. She was clicking her pen along with the beat. I shall henceforth call her Ms. Clicky Pen. Well, have you ever been the person who doesn't even realize that you're clicking a pen until someone asks you to stop. Well I think she knew how annoying she was being because she clicked with the effort of someone pushing the button on the trigger end of an explosive. Luckily, Ms. Clicky Pen's poundings were limited to the music and I didn't hear it when the movie started. Although I may have been distracted by another movie going patron I shall refer to as Mr. Stinky Cheese Man.

Yes folks, right as the previews were ending, in walks a lone... gentleman. As the theater was pretty full he sat directly in front of our row in the very back row of the non stadium seats. Right when he removed his jacket I smelled it. I thought, no... it can't be. Marc didn't notice so I thought it just must have been a breeze from the air conditioner bringing in some odd smell from the concession stand. A few minutes into the movie Marc starts sniffing under his arms, he turns to me and says "what is that smell?!" I nodded in Mr. Stinky Cheese Man's direction and he couldn't believe that someone could smell that bad! Well, we had to endure the movie either with our jackets covering our noses or as Marc said "inhaling my hat". We still enjoyed the movie but the air movement was not favoring our position. So I end this tale with a plea, respect your fellow movie goers and just as you are asked not to text or chat during the movie, don't be a Ms. Clicky Pen or most importantly, don't be a Mr. Stinky Cheese Man!

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