Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shooting Star

Yesterday morning I took the dog out to do his business like I usually do and like usual I had my jacket on with my hood covering my wet hair from the morning shower slightly shivering in the cold morning air. I get up before the sun so I'm out there with my flashlight in order to make sure everything... comes out right... for the dog as all good dog mom's do. The dog looked at me with his usual "get that light out of my face so I can do this" and I shine the light elsewhere so that he could circle in peace to do his business. It was a quiet morning and I love to just hear the breeze blow through the trees. I looked up to see the beautiful still night sky and the stars that can be seen from my backyard. Although a lot of the stars are blotted out by the light from the city you can see a fair amount of the brightest stars and constelations depending on the time of year like the big dipper, Orion, Casiopea. This morning I was staring in the direction of the east and I saw it. A shooting star flashed ever so briefly. It looked like it jumped from one star to the nearest neighbor and disappeared. It was beautiful and exciting. I quickly made a wish, as is our custom. What a way to start the day, with a sign of good fortune. I look forward to a forward to it coming my way!

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