Sunday, February 13, 2011


Among the sadness of last month, Marc and I were lucky enough to be able to travel to Spain. It was like a renewal of sorts, a time for us to get away from the routine of our lives and get out of our comfort zone (or uncomfortable zone as I was feeling). It turned out to be a good way for us to enjoy each other as we were the only familiar things. An unfamiliar landscape among a mostly unfamiliar language. We walked along the beach in Marbella along the Costa del Sol...

We visited the ancient city of Ronda...

and we awed within the Cathedral and the views of the coast and the city of Malaga from Gibralfaro Castle.

Your perspective of lifes minor bumps changes somewhat among such beautiful views and inspiring history. Knowing that life continues around us with each breath we take and each brick that's laid. This trip was a blessing in disguise. I was able to renew myself and actually begin to feel like me again. I think it was for my husband as well because he smiled a lot which made me smile in return. 

Sometimes the best solution is to get away from the familiar to appreciate its significance, but also to see things that are larger than yourself to know that you are among greatness. That, and it made for a great adventure. 

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