Sunday, June 12, 2011


This year, (that we have already made it halfway through!) is to be a year of milestones. Starting this month. Tomorrow will be my beautiful mom's 50th birthday! I'm so proud of my mom. She's done so much in the past year alone to make things better for herself. She's in shape and looking good :) Although we won't be celebrating tomorrow, we'll be celebrating on June 26 for her birthday and my parents 30th wedding anniversary, yet another milestone! Now this milestone has had a few bumps along the way but they've made it there thankfully without bloodshed :) So we plan to make June 26 a party to remember!

Another milestone to occur in December is that Sara and I will be turning 30! Oh my God! I'm going to be 30!!! Well, there's really nothing to be done about that! Sara wanted to go to this facility that has fun gladiator like games but I kinda ruined that with my other milestone news. I hereby announce that I'm gonna be a mama in December! Introducing, Baby Lancaster

Currently 13 weeks along and so far so good. My midwife says now I can start gaining weight. Not like I don't eat! But still, not a pound! Picture me like this:

That is my latest adventure! I'll keep you posted on my progress and the little adventures it brings along the way!

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Anonymous said...

Milestone year indeed! Congratulations to you and Marc! Yay mama Tara!