Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One of those mornings

This morning started out like any other morning, just running around trying to get things done... get the lunches made, make coffee, feed the dog. Lets pause on that last entry. Drake has to have this powdered medication in his meals, that's bitter so I've been adding it to some canned food (beef for your reference) and mixing the canned food it into his kibble. Well, I went about that routine and after I was done I let him lick the spoon and boy he licks that thing clean! So I set the spoon down on the counter and continue with my other morning activities. First mistake.

As I'm getting ready, I took out the toaster because I thought toast sounded really good this morning. I put my toast in and I walked away to go fix my hair. I came back to the toast when I heard the toast pop up. I take one slice out and set it on the counter but the other is stuck in the toaster. You know when the toasted bread curls from the heat and then the parts from the toaster trap it. Well, I unplugged the toaster (so I don't electrocute myself... myth or no, better safe than sorry I say) and I'm fighting with the toaster for my piece of bread. When I finally free I bumped my other piece and it falls to the floor. Second mistake. Sigh... okay, deep breath, I still have one slightly mangled piece left. So, I quickly butter my torn piece of toast and add a little jam and walk away to finish my hair. I come back and decide I better eat some cereal too so that my stomach doesn't try eating itself on my way to work. I grab a bowl and a glass from the cabinet and set it over on the countertop (can you see where I'm going with this?), pour my cereal and a glass of milk. I reflexively grab the spoon that's sitting next to my bowl, put it in the bowl and take everything to the table to sit down. As I go to take my first bite I insert the spoon and pull it out of my mouth, several thoughts cross my mind at once...
...why did I grab a large spoon?
...why did the spoon spell funny?
...don't bite down!
...oh no... that was the dog food spoon that Drake licked clean!
...outta my way Drake! I have to spit this out!!!

So I ran to the sink spit out the cheerios and dump the whole bowl in the trash. Yep, I had grabbed the dog food spoon. That'll teach me to leave that just sitting on the counter. I was still hungry so I just poured myself another bowl of cheerios, making certain to obtain a clean spoon from the drawer.

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Anonymous said...

Lol oh that's too funny. Thanks for the laugh Tara. Sorry for the rough morning. But I'm laughing WITH you. Hopefully the rest of the day involves less Drake germs ;)