Friday, May 20, 2011

I saved a life today!

I saved a life today! I had just parked my car at work and was walking toward the building when I saw these two figures standing near a car about 20 yards away from me. As I walked toward them it looked like they were arguing and the smaller of the two was standing in a defensive position while the bigger figure in black tried to play off the situation by looking nonchalant. As I got closer, the figure in black turned to watch me walk past and that gave the little guy the chance to escape! Of course the figure in black tried to pursue but the little guy was swifter and craftier and was able to join a flock flying past!

Ok, so I'm talking about two birds. One was a crow and the other was a little sparrow but I still think I totally saved the little sparrow from certain death! He had his wings up in an almost "karate bird" kind of position and the crow was standing over him and making loud clucking noises. The crow actually did try to look nonchalant as I walked closer and started pecking at the ground like "nothing going on here... just a couple of birds... pecking at the ground". That's when the little sparrow saw his moment and took off into the air. The crow shot up after him and they both nearly took my head off as they did so, but as I said, the little sparrow was able to escape!
Well, it may not have been as exciting as you initially thought but for the sparrow, it was absolutely heartpounding!


Pete said...

Tara Rose,
That was just too silly, can't hardly see the keyboard through the laughtears! What a great way to start the morning, not with a chuckle but rolling laughter. The funny, funny thing is I can the birds and that cracks me up even more.
Thanks for that,

Anonymous said...

My silly daughter, what an exciting and heart pounding experience :) You are truely that sparrows saviour. Let's hope he realizes that and doesn't fly by and leave a present on your head.