Thursday, December 15, 2011

30 Years Old

Well in the last week I've reached one big milestone! I'm now 30 years old! Kinda scary, I don't feel 30 and I don't think I look 30, but that could be me just being in denial :) But today is also my due date! And guess what? No baby yet. She's just chilling in the womb saying "peace mom, like I wanna join the crazy train". Well, I'm hoping she'll come pretty soon as I would like to spend as much time with her as I can before I have to go back to work :P And also, it's not like I'm sleeping good anyway, bring on the sleep deprivation! Just kidding, I know I won't be saying that once she's here! And that's a part I'm not really looking forward too (I mean what parent is?) because as my husband would say, I'm slightly irritable anyway :) But, just like all parents, we will earn to cope with that. I just can't wait until she gets here! I've been walking and walking yet she seems content in her one room suite. Guess I try spicy food next! Hopefully she'll be here before the weekend is out! We shall see!


Pete said...

Maybe she knows how cold it's been outside and likes the warmth of her suite?! Either way, when she does come she's going to have some AWESOME Parents to chill with!
Love you Sweetie

Anonymous said...

Ok first off you don't look like you're 30. And "bun" will come on her own time, (like Saturday) she's comfy. Soon she will greet the world, you will get to hold her and we will finally know her name! :) Bailey Nicole, that's my final answer. ;) I agree that you both will be AWESOME parents!