Thursday, January 19, 2012

4 weeks old!

It seems to have flown by! But then again, not. ;) Our baby girl is already 4 weeks old. Within that four weeks, it's already been an adventure for both us as new parents and baby Mila. As hubby puts it, it's been a roller coaster of emotions. At each moment, you're holding this little life in your hands and you have all of these emotions running through you and inside you're just trembling with, fear, frustration, irritation, but at the same time, you're looking at her as she's crying and you feel such all encompassing love and you want nothing but to find out what's wrong and make her feel better. And once you finally do, you're both emotionally and physically exhausted! :) I concur on that description.

Feeding has been a bit of an up and down too. At the hospital I had only just started to learn to breast feed when she had to stay on the bili bed table and we had to give her supplements. Then her being "tongue tied" she learned to latch incorrectly so when we had her little frenelum snipped she continued with that latch. I like to call her pirana lips. She purses her lips so tight around the nipple. I've slowly eased her into a more comfortable latch but she doesn't fully flair her lips like she's supposed to. Which led to my bout with mastitis. Last Friday when I woke up for her middle of the night feeding, I had a temperature of 102.2! Well, that has since resolved but I hope it doesn't re-occur. And finally, the fact that she doesn't wake herself up for feedings. Yes, the doctors all say that babies need to eat every 2-3 hours and so I've been setting my feeding alarm for every 3 hours, getting up and feeding her. Lately however, she's been a little lazy feeder and will fall asleep after the first side and not take the other side. So as I said, it's been an up and down feeding her. I think we may be turning a corner though. She seems to be starting to wake herself up. Luckily, it's not a crying wake up but a figety lip smacking with her eyes closed. But at least we're getting somewhere!

... and for Mila, everyday brings new challenges, especially during tummy time! Trying to turn over, which she's already pretty close too! Or keeping her head up a little longer. Now she's beginning to track objects with her eyes and has finally noticed her little car seat dangly dudes as I call them. And today we went for our first walk with Mila in the stroller and Drake on the leash with just me! Drake did such a good job healing near the stroller, he only got run over once :)

So, our adventure continues with Mila... Month Two! I'll try hard to update as often as I can!

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Pete said...

What a WONDERFUL JOURNEY! So special, so Precious! Thanks for sharing MOM!
Love you, Marc, and MILA TOO!