Tuesday, March 13, 2012


What is the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard? When you read that question, does something immediately pop into your head? Is it the voice of your favorite singer? Or something more like the crashing of waves on the shore or wind chimes chiming in the breeze? For me, it’s a more recent sound. The sound of my baby girls laugh. She laughed for the first time this past Sunday. Now I don’t believe that most people would even qualify it as a laugh or even a giggle. In fact, some might consider it merely a “ha” lacking its fellow “ha”, but to me, it was definitely a laugh and it was the most beautiful sound in the world! It was pure, unadulterated joy. With her little toothless grin beaming at me from the silly sound that had brought on this mirthful moment. I can’t even adequately describe the feelings I felt hearing that and seeing her beautiful face in that moment but my heart sang. This beautiful little angel made music with a laugh. I fully believe that this is the sound that can change the world if you let it. If only the world would listen and know the innocence that exists and take us all back to that kind of joy there might be a lot less to worry about. Don’t you think? Daddy has yet to hear this joyful babble, she’s only done it one other time yesterday at grandma's. I’m sure it'll become more frequent and become even more full in giggling glee. I definitely look forward to the laughter we’ll share with our daughter with each new day.


Pete said...

With each post you tug at my heart strings and tell me how truly blessed that I am to have uyou as a daughter, but more importantly how blessed Mila is to have you as her Mother!
Love you always

Anonymous said...

Ah it was a great moment. I heard the little 'ha' which I would classify as a chuckle at her silly mama. And the following sound was quite sweet as well. The pure joy in your voice as you laughed and realized she had just had her first laugh. Good moment. Love you sis! Keep being goofy and more laughs will come ;D