Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympics 2012

The 2012 Summer Olympics are getting ready to come to a close. The United States currently leads the medal count at 90 to China's 80 with just a couple more days to go! It's been a busy and exciting games starting off with Danny Boyle's magnificent opening ceremony and loads of excitement in swimming with our local girl Missy Franklin taking four golds, a bronze and two world records! There's been some amazing and laudable firsts such as the first Saudi women to compete in the games. On the lighter side of the games, there's always some interesting "bet you didn't know"moments. I came across one of those while I was catching up on the latest events and winners articles.Did you know there's an official Olympic condom provider? I didn't either! Why did this make the news, you might ask?  The story of "Condom-gate", as it has been dubbed, broke yesterday when a bucket of "unauthorized" condoms was found in the Olympic Village! For shame! How many condoms could a village of athletes really need?  I'll tell you, this year sets a record for the number of condoms provided to the Olympic athletes. Take a guess how many... I'll give you a hint, in the 2000 Sydney games, 70,000 condoms were not enough and 20,000 additional condoms had to be provided! In the 2008 Beijing games 100,000 were provided. This year, a whopping 150,000 condoms were provided for the 10,000 athletes! That's 15 each! Holy rubber raincoats batman! Now, I must first commend the IOC for promoting safe practices for the athletes, but really? 150k condoms! Ok, perhaps some of them are taken from the games still in the package as keepsakes or souvenirs and others, possibly may be used to make "balloon" bouquets/animals but honestly what are they doing in that village!?

Tomorrow, strange Olympic sports...

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