Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Say Cheese! Well... almost

Recently, the little one has taken to making a variety of sucking noises with her tongue. I had attributed this to the fact that we had taken away her pacifier at the beginning of the month, but apparently it was in response to the pressure her little gums were feeling from the start of her first tooth coming through! I know... bad mama! How could I not notice?! In my defense, this weekend I noticed her little gums looked a little red and possibly swollen but when I cleaned her gums after her meals I didn't feel anything (see, I'm really not so bad :). Well, grandma decided to take the initiative yesterday and low and behold she felt the tiny tooth breaking through! It's her left central lower incisor (look at me getting all technical). I can't see it yet but I can feel it when I run my finger over her little gums and... ahem I can also feel it when I'm nursing. I'm crossing my fingers that she has, shall I say, a gentle disposition and wants to continue nursing. I know I want her too and don't want to switch exclusively to bottled breastmilk. I guess we'll see! It's the beginning of the end for my favorite little gummy smile! I just love that glistening, pink mush mouth! Soon, she'll be able to say cheese with the best of them! But for now I'll soak up all of the little gummy moments I can!

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