Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mobile Mila

We have a crawler! She's been getting herself into a crawling position for the last couple of weeks. At first, she would just go directly to her stomach and do her "air swimming" motions. Then, the week before last she started going... backwards. I called it her "moon crawling" because it was smooth like MJ's moon walk. But as of Friday evening, she crawled! We had to motivate her so we used toys, our cell phones and at first, nothing! But then, she saw it, and zeroed in on her target. One knee... one hand... the other knee... and other hand... she was crawling! And she reached her objective, the filthy dog toy! Well, I wasn't gonna stop her! She had her mind made up and it was dog toy or bust! It's the cutest crawl too, we've come to call it the Mila shuffle. And she does it like she knew the whole time how to do it, when just last week she was looking at her little limbs thinking, I know I can do this, but how? So now, she'll be moving up with the crawlers in daycare. *Sigh* they grow so quickly! *Sniff Sniff*

Other new accomplishments for Mila... she's sitting up in her crib! and if she's fine in there by herself, she just sits and looks around. Or she'll play with her blanket, or the crib bumpers. But if she's not fine by herself and she's ready to get up, she'll definitely let you know about it!

She's tried lots of new foods over the last couple of weeks including green beans, pears, peaches, pork and eggs! And none of them got a yucky face or got spit out! I think upcoming we'll try carrots, barley cereal, potatoes, beef, bell peppers, pumpkin, yogurt and possibly blueberries. The food adventure continues! As does the adventure I like to call "what's in Mila's diaper?" as the new food brings new... shall we say, texture, to the number 2!

I'll leave you with that thought to ponder :)

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