Saturday, September 15, 2012


I've said it before and I'll say it again. Time goes too quickly! My last update had Mila crawling for the first time. That was only 14 days ago. Since then, she's pulled herself up to a standing position first in her playpen and then in her crib (causing me to move the mattress all the way down) and now on the gate that keeps the dog out of her room! It's just so amazing how quickly she catches on. She did take a header into the couch this morning. I felt so bad. Her little had was resting on the couch and the other was on the floor and the couch hand slipped off causing her little face to ram the couch. Luckily it was only a quick cry and no bruise or swelling :)

So, life speeds on with each new day. Sometimes I let the monotony get me down when I have to go to that job I don't enjoy instead of spending my time with Mila. I know I'd at least feel better about having to work if I were doing something that I enjoyed and was interesting! That is how I came to my new adventure. Since Mila was born, I've wanted to try baby signing with her. I learned a few of the signs that would be used everyday like mommy, daddy, eat, milk, and I started to try using them consistently about 7.5 months with her. Well, my sister had found a website she liked and forwarded the info to me. It's called My Smart Hands. It's a program developed by Laura Berg for parents to teach their hearing baby signs. She has a lot of great information for free, even an iPhone ap that I downloaded. Well, one day, I was perusing the website and their was a link to "teach". So I emailed for information. Long story short, I'm going to be an instructor! I am currently taking a signing 101 class online and will have to take a quiz first. Then I have to learn all of the Lesson 1 for Laura's program so that I can teach it proficiently. I'm excited! I'm going to have to find venues to host the classes and start marketing for my classes but it's something new and exciting and I'm learning a new skill! The only downside is that I will be still working my regular job and will be doing only a couple classes on weekends. Hopefully, if I can get a good start at it, maybe I can find a way to work part-time with this and another part-time job but be able to spend more time with Mila!

That's the goal anyway. Well, I better get back to practicing my signing before Mila wakes up from her nap!

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