Saturday, March 16, 2013

Another month and new goals

Another month has come and gone so quickly! I can't believe we're already half way  through the third month of the new year! It goes by too quick. Like any other month, it was a busy one. We took little one on her first trip to the zoo! She did wonderful. No fussing, just pure enjoyment and a little pooped at the end. She loved looking at the animals and called most of them "woof" a.k.a. dog, which is normal for her age! She did stare at the giraffes though! Amazed at how tall they were I imagine. But goodness that place is a zoo itself of kids and strollers and parents! Hopefully we can go during the week next time. Maybe we can take a day off to take her so it's not so crowded.

She's also starting to mimic, or try to mimic everything we say. Which, at this stage in her toddlerhood, is nothing but cute! I know that it won't always be that way so I try to enjoy it while I can. One example, the other day I was looking for what I wanted her to wear and I put my finger to my lips and said "hmmmmm" and she did the same thing! So adorable! She's looking more like a little girl now than a baby. Her hair is growing and I can put it in piggie tails, she walks, she talks (toddler talk) and she laughs when she thinks somethings funny. And it is such a laugh! Her laugh is pure joy and it makes me laugh and beam. The adorable thing is that she looks so much like Marc in almost everything she does. Even her laughing smile is very much his. It's amazing how that happens. On the weekends we love going to wake daddy up. I put her on the bed and she goes to uncover him. He loves it too :) I truly do try to enjoy every minute we spend together because, like the year... it goes by too fast.

Goal Update:

Goal #1

We were doing really good on our weekly spanish, and then it got interrupted and we haven't reconvened. Hopefully that will be corrected this week. As far as ASL though, I'm going to my weekly class and enjoying learning in a classroom and my vocabulary is certainly increasing. And just when I think Mila's not paying attention, she'll use a sign I showed her a day or so ago without prompting! :) little smartie pants.

Goal #2

Marc was informed that he would be sent to Crewe, England to see the Bentley factory for work, so we decided to make a trip out of it. We're going to England at the end of April! We're also going to take the high speed train to Paris!! We're so excited! It'll be the first time I'm away from Mila for more than a night (a whole week in fact) and I'm sad about that, but I know she'll be fine with grandma and papa and auntie for the week.

Goal #3

Easter's just a two weeks away! I think next weekend we'll do some practice hunting so she knows what to do :) and then the Saturday before Easter we're going to dye eggs at grandma's house!!

Goal #4

Well, we planned to get in the backyard this weekend to get the weeds pulled or at least started and make a "plan of attack"for the yard and garden, it looks like it's going to rain today so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for that.

New Goals:

#5 Plan our summer camping weekends. We always say we want to camp more "this year" but the weeks fly by and before we know it it's almost September, so this year I'd like to plan what weekends to set aside for camping and if our plans have to change, at least we could say we tried! :)

#6 Practice guitar with my sister. Maybe I'm being a little too ambitious trying to learn two languages and an instrument while being a full time working mom to a toddler, but gotta squeeze things in where we can!

#7 Get Mila into swimming lessons. I tried to do this last summer while she was still tiny so she would be better acclimated to the water but she got an ear infection right before the class started. This time I hope that doesn't happen!!

... until next time!

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