Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I wish life was like a spy movie

Well we're getting ready for our trip across the Atlantic to Jolly Old England and the City of Lights. Me being me and always wanting to be prepared, I decided we have to have our British Pounds Sterling and Euros on hand. So I go to the bank like a good little lamb and well I'm pretty much fleeced due to conversion rates. After the fleecing they tell me to "have a nice day" Yeah thanks... me now $600 poorer with only about 400 in euros and GBS to show for it... 'preciate it! As I meander from the bank missing the $200ish dollars that somehow disappeared into the conversion void I think to myself, as I'm sure many others in the same situation have before me, if only life were like a spy movie! You know what I'm talking about. You land at an airport in a foreign country, walk stealthily to the rows of lockers. Next you take out the key that you had retrieved from the 'out of order' bathroom sink's hot water knob in the gate 26B arrivals restroom. Opening the locker you pull out a nondescript backpack. Inside the backpack are several different passports with numerous aliases as well as great big wads of currency of different countries. You grab what you need, shove the bag back into the locker, and you're off. Viola! No fuss... No muss. Well, you'll probably have to run for you life at some point, might have to knock someone off (in self defense and in the name of national security of course) but really, I think it might just be worth avoiding those blasted conversion fees!

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Pete Salazar said...

I love your thoughts,,,,,very Ian Flemingish,,,,Sad that you had to take such a monetary hit,,,,willing to donate to the cause if you need some dough,,,,,at any rate have a Great Time and I Love You Guys!!!!!!!!!!'Dad