Thursday, May 23, 2013

Catching Up

It's been an entire month since I last posted! How sad of me! Every day I think to myself "I really want to blog, I'll do it when I get home, or first thing when I get to work" but alas I end up going to bed not long after putting the little one to bed or I get to work 5 minutes late and have to start working right away. But I have to try harder because it IS something I enjoy doing. Right now I've taken time out from work to type a blog on my iPhone while hiding in a bathroom stall so I can't be accused of texting :-). We do what we have to right?! I had drafted a great blog at the beginning of May about Mila a cute  misunderstanding...It was another time where I was composing a la bathroom stall and was interrupted. I apparently didn't save it correctly and when I returned to finish my post... poof! It was gone. I was unable to give the post the same witty description so I scrapped it....

....I had to leave my bathroom sanctuary as it seemed to be everyone's business time... if you know what I mean. Now I'm writing at my desk with a tiny minimized internet window. You see my problem! It's hard to get into the writing groove when I have to keep moving or starting and stopping. Sigh...

So England and Paris were wonderful. We walked until our legs were jello and then we sat for a few and got up and walked some more! In Paris we saw the usual beautiful tourist attractions, the Eiffel Tour, Notre Dame, The Arc de Triomphe and my favorite was the Louvre! One of the mini adventures in being in a foreign country is getting around and the Metro in Paris, just like the Tube in London were so easy to travel! There's still so much we didn't see and I'd definitely love to go back! I hope one day the rest of t family, as well as the munchkin of course, will be able to join us! So our in the last day of our European adventure we had breakfast in Paris, lunch in London and dinner over the United States (I think we were about over Nebraska at that time).

The month since I have been taking an online child nutrition and cooking class, took a break from my signing (I haven't been practicing.. Shame shame...), and generally feeling annoyed at my job. I know I'm not the only one who feels like I'm supposed to be doing something and this is definitley not it. Maybe I'm too responsible in that I have my bills and my family and I should be grateful I even have a job (which I am) but there are other people that seem to float effortlessly from one good thing to the next, never having any troubles along the way. Yes, I know that is only my outside perspective, and I'm sure they've had plenty of challenges along the way. Well, I do what I can to keep life interesting and try and figure things out as I go. Sometimes I just get so frustrated! I know, I'm not alone! Not in the slightest! So I do my best to take a breath, head up, and as my grandma always say, boobs out! Keep the adventures coming!

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