Friday, May 24, 2013


This is one of those days where all the attorney's are out before the holiday weekend except one! And of course we can't leave unless he does. So, I thought I'd spend this time writing a post! An excellent use of my time, I know!

This morning Mila was regaling me with her extensive knowledge of the animal decals on her wall. Each animals name represents a letter of the alphabet (A - ant, B - Bird, C - Cow, etc.). I put these decals up before she was born day dreaming of the day she would be enjoying the fun and knowledge they provide. She knows a few of them and will "name" them by making their sounds, e.g. Monkey gets a "ooh ooh ooh", Cow gets a "moooo!" Owl gets a "hoo hoo" (in fact thats her name for an owl, a hoo hoo:), bird gets her sign approximation of the sign for bird (think of your thumb and pointer as the birds beak signed at your mouth, now turn it toward your mouth... that's Mila's sign approximation... SOOO CUTE!) But a lot of them are specific named animals like a Y - Yak, or a V - Vulture or N - Newt.... (I know what you're thinking... When I first got these decals I was thinking, "Isn't there a more well known animal that starts with an "N"?" and really, there isn't. Try and think of one... Anyway... she calls the Newt a "fog" aka a frog. Close enough for a one year old, right?!)

Anyway... the decals are on the walls that are above her changing table/dresser and so she stood up (with my help and with me standing right there so she won't fall) and she's pointing at them and just jabbering away! Of course, I didn't know what she was saying but she did and she sure had a lot to say about those animals! Then she would point up at the ones that are much higher and I would lift her up and she would continue her lecture on the now reachable animals.

I just adore these moments. Watching her learn and seeing the confidence in her describing these animals that are foreign to her and yet exciting to her. I hope she will always have that curiosity and that confidence so that she's free to explore and take on challenges without the doubt that plagues most adults. Until that time, I will do my best to continue to foster in her self-confidence and curiosity to explore the world around her!

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