Tuesday, June 25, 2013

18 months

This past weekend our little one reached the 18 month milestone. She's every bit the explorative toddler you can imagine. She's exploring language as she signs new words and also is starting to repeat the words we say (watch out daddy!). She's exploring boundaries both physical and behavioral. She's learning to run and jump. It's just so incredible to watch her every single day discovering new things! It's exciting for me too, almost like I get to rediscover things because I get to see her experience them for the first time. Now when we sing the ASL ABC song I'll sing "A" is for Apple, "B" is for Brown" and she'll repeat each of the words after me with such enthusiasm! Today was her first day in the Toddler 2 classroom at daycare. She was getting bored in Toddler 1 and it was time to learn new things. Of course she did great and loved the new room. I can't wait to see what new things she'll be learning and showing mama and daddy! At the end of the day when we're at home she'll "read" the sheet to me that says what they did at daycare. She really sounds like she's reading it too. She loves to sing to herself too. It's adorable, I'll put her down for a nap and she doesn't go down right away but she'll sing to herself or talk to herself. Maybe she'll be musically inclined. We already know she loves to dance. Anytime music with a beat comes on she shakes her little tushie and her hands go in the air. She loves to make her little stuffed animals dance when we're on our way to daycare too. "Bu-yee" (Bunny) and "Guk" (Duck) and sometimes we bring "Yamy" (Lamby) from home too.

I love to see her and Drake together. Some days he tolerates her. She'll walk over to him while he's lying down and she'll "pet" him (otherwise known as smack him) on the back, she'll grab his tail and giggle as he tries to ignore her. When he gets really annoyed he walks away. Sometimes he'll give her a lick and walk away, that's how I know he likes her (at least sometimes). Other times she'll bossily tell him "no puppa!" when she doesn't want his kisses or "move Dake" when he's in her way. And he will walk by her and ever so subtly (not) bump her with his butt "unintentionally" and act like he didn't know she was there. Or he'll give me the "What? I don't speak English, I'm a dog" look when I tell him "watch out for the baby". It's a cute little antagonistic relationship they have.

It's so hard going to work every day. I see that beautiful face smiling at me and I hate to hand her over to someone else. I know she's learning and playing and having a blast, I just wish I could share that with her more than just on the weekends. It wouldn't even have to be every day, just more than weekends. When I'm away from her at work I can't help but smile every time I think about her (which is about every other second) because I'll think of something she said or did and I can't believe how smart she is. I can't believe how quickly the last 18 months have gone and I can almost see how quickly 18 years can pass! But it doesn't do well to worry about the future, just gotta keep plugging along and making the most of it! Although, as a side note, if I had an alternate identity like superhero's, mine would be "The Worrier". Not the most thrilling alter ego. Guess I should work on that. Go for something cooler sounding like "The Forward Thinker" or "The Vexer" That one might work :)

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