Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Last one comes so fast

Monday was like any day at my boring job but a comment from one of the bosses really gave me pause. He asked if we had taken the little one to a pumpkin patch over the weekend. First, I must point out that he only inquires into others lives if he gas something he wants to mention about his. Second, he's really not  interested in your life and you're best off giving a short answer. Otherwise, you can see his pure disinterest in his continuing of what he wanted to say. I learned this early when I first started working here. Anyway, I smiled and responded that we had. He went on to say that they had also and then he said "It was our last year. That went by quick!" and his eyes met mine and I could see a tinge of sadness in them. His daughter is 18 this year and will be graduating from high school in May. His son is a junior in college. It made me think, you only do get a certain number of these things with your kids and we've already had 2! But I will feel so very blessed if we are able to have another 16 (at least) with our little one. I hope she wants to spend time with us as she gets into her teen years and I hope she knows how much of a sap her mom is (and will always be) and will indulge me. And a note to my mom, I'm not indulging you, you know I enjoy doing those kinds of things with you and that's why I want you and dad to be there as much as you can with us too. :) If we're so lucky to have those, yes, I will be sad when it's our "last one" but I hope we'll be able to create new traditions with her as she grows and maybe even continue old ones. Although I don't know that she'll be as willing to sit on the pumpkin or wear a shirt with a pumpkin on it when she's 16, 17 or 18 :)

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