Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Little Miss

I can't believe sometimes how fast our little miss learns and even at her age, comprehends certain things. The things she comes out with just amaze me. This evening as we were sitting at the dinner table, I was trying to talk to Marc about something and Mila kept repeating that she wanted more sauce for her pizza "I want more sauce dada!" she was saying louder and louder because we weren't acknowledging her. She was almost done with dinner and had already had a bit of extra sauce and I didn't want to just be licking it off of her pizza crust as she had been doing. So I turned to her and said "No more sauce hita, finish your pizza please" and she looked straight at me and said "I talking to dad right now" I couldn't help it and burst out laughing! Her meaning was clear,  she didn't want me to say no so she wasn't asking me, she was asking daddy! What does our future hold in her teenage years?! Lord be kind!!

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