Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Terrific and Terrible Twos

A week late, I know, but we all know my blog is anything but consistent! Our little Miss is 2 years old! My how it has gone so quickly. She's growing before our eyes and has spunk and personality galore! She catches on to things it seems like within seconds and has an awesome memory! The other day at her two year check up with the doctor, she was sitting in the chair next to me when the doctor came in he was asking me questions about her development and she sat there quietly observing. When the doctor was reviewing notes in the chart he was reading to himself out loud and Mila looked at me and whispered "What the doing mama?" The doctor stopped what he was doing, looked up and said with a smile "Oh come on! Four word sentences?! You're only 2!" That made me smile too and I related that we can and do have pretty good conversations together. This is one of the great things about her being two. She can talk to me, and she understands (most of the time) what I'm saying to her. She is also quite bossy and likes to make herself known! She told me the other day "Don't tell me no mama!" Yep, it has begun, the "terrible two's". She's our little handful but she's also doing great with her manners. She says thank you at the most appropriate, yet still unexpected moments. We were opening gifts on Christmas and I told her the gift was from Santa. She opened it and got all excited and said "Thank you Sanata!". It's amazing to be a part of making her this little person. I pray everyday that we receive guidance to help her become the best person she can be. Thank you for our little blessing. Every day with her in our lives is a blessing and a learning experience. Happy Birthday to our little Mila! And many many many many many more!

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