Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Confessions of a bad blogger

Ok, the main reason I'm a bad blogger should be obvious... I don't blog that often. Well that's not entirely my fault... I mean I have a 40 hour a week job, a 2 year old busy toddler, housework, dinner, swim class, etc, etc, etc. Yes, I'm aware that I've basically described everyone else who wants to do something but has several other things on the burner too... In other words... Life. So yes, I let the usual things get in the way of me sitting down and taking a moment to describe my life adventures for all of my 8 readers. (Although I'm not sure all of you are still with me so I may be talking to myself here) which is ok too. I find it a cathartic exercise when I actually get the chance to blog, that is when I have a topic in mind. If I'm just trying to post something it's more of a chore :-).

Besides letting the every day particulars get in my way of writing a blog, I'm also known to be a tiny bit lazy sometimes and plop myself on the couch to watch the tube after work (that is after dinner, bath and bedtime for the wee one). My excuse for this being that my brain hurts from looking at the computer all day at work and I don't want to get on at home. Lame excuse I know because the TV is, after all, another screen. In my own defense, we're all allowed to be a little lazy now and again, I just have to get out of letting it become a habit. 

Finally, I often feel I'm a boring blogger. I mean I realize that 99.99% of those reading my blog are family or friends (all 1-8 of you lovely people) so updates on family life are the usual topic. But I, like many, see so many great parenting blogs or DIY blogs or even just humorous blogs that I want mine to be up to par but instead feel like I have nothing to offer.

Well as I write these 'confessions' I recall my mom speaking of some advice from a book she's reading. The gist of it being that we need to try making small changes in order to make them into habits that will eventually be big changes in the long haul. Instead of trying to reach this grand design all at once and failing and then feeling like 'why should I try' we need to take it a step at a time. 

So I confess this. That I will continue trying to be a better blogger and I will aim to maybe enthrall a bit and perhaps entertain me and my 1-8 readers. :-)

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Pete Salazar said...

I'm still here with you Lovely Daughter. I eagerly await each and every blog!