Thursday, January 22, 2015

Let it Go

For those of you that know me, you know I'm anti-Disney Princesses. I just loath how they market the crap out of them and make little girls seem like crazed pink seeking zombies. Well, if you haven't been "off the grid" in the past year, you're probably at least slightly aware of the phenomenon that was/is Frozen. For the past two and a half years of Mila's life she's had a princess free zone but the songs of Frozen were slowly seeping into our world. We hadn't seen the movie yet but I would play the songs on youtube for her. She loved them! She knew the songs before we had really seen the movie and she would run around our house singing Let it Go at the top of her lungs and waving her hands like she was creating magic. Who can resist that?! I had to yield and we finally saw the whole movie around the time that Luna came along. It turned out to be a great movie. I liked it even more because ****SPOILER ALERT**** the act of "true love" that saves Anna in the end is her own choice of sacrificing herself to save her sister. Good theme of sisterly love and strength in family.

Well, as one might assume, Mila caught on to the idea of princess and has since wanted to wear a blanket as a mantel "like Elsa" around our house. She also wants to wear long dresses, also like Elsa, but we didn't have any for her. Needless to say, her birthday party theme was Frozen and for Christmas, Santa brought her an Elsa dress and daddy added a crown to match.

I have come to realize that I need to... "Let it Go" (Yes, I went there) and let her be a princess sometimes. It's all about letting her play and pretend and learn for herself. It's about me not being controlling but helping to guide and model for her that will help her interpret and learn things from the world around her including sometimes from movies.

As a side note, it's also about not over indulging in the princess merchandise because that stuff is, to quote Dr. Evil in a more G rated tone, Ri-gosh-darn-diculous! 

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