Friday, January 16, 2015

The Terrible Three's??

Ok, so I was reviewing my post for Mila's birthday last year. She was a spunky little two year old who was constantly learning new words, who was curious and friendly to everyone. She was anything but 'terrible'. 

Fast forward another year (which is definitely how it feels) and we now have a three year old and a 5 month old! I look back on this time last year and I remember my little two year old, who was still nursing at the time, and how sweet she would say 'mama, I'm gonna share with the baby'. I'm proud to say she does share with the baby.  She loves her little sister so much, sometimes a little rough but with all the warmth in the world! But right before she turned three she wanted to share something else... Screaming. She started throwing tantrums! Like the real thing... I mean, kicking, screaming,  flailing on the floor, Niagra Falls tear streaming tantrums!! And for the littlest things. They come on like a tornado with all the chaos and destruction and yelling that comes with it... Well at least that's how it seems.  

Now seeing my sweet daughter morph into something akin to Slimer on Ghost Busters combined with the wailing of banshee is enough to make me want to find my own proton pack, and so far I haven't had any luck on curbing these little storms. I'm trying to stay calm and ignore her when they come on but any parent who has seen similar outbursts knows the difficulty. 

And today, it happened. I was that parent. She'd had a great swim class and I gave her 5 minutes in the hot pool. When it was time to get out she tried to swim out of my reach so I pulled her out... And meltdown ensued. Screaming...becoming a limp noodle so I couldn't pick her little wet body up. Refusing the towel while shivering and cold. All while other mothers witnessed this display with looks of silent solidarity. I wasn't embarrassed just distressed because I know she isn't that child, but  a three year old going through a phase. I gained a little encouragement from the fact that she saw better of sitting on the wet floor and that I wasn't having it by walking under her own volition into the dressing room, albeit while still screaming. 

Sigh...I ironically thought of Dori on Finding Nemo singing 🎶'Just keep swimming'🎶 

And that's what I have to do! 

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