Monday, December 15, 2014

Trial and Error

Well, I know it's been a big break since I last published. The past few weeks have been quite trying with our newest edition! She's quite a bit more temperamental than Mila ever was as a baby.

 For the past few weeks we've been struggling with naps and a sleep pattern. Luna didn't really have one. She still doesn't really, I'm pretty lucky if I can get her to take one good nap in a day let alone two or maybe 3 short ones. She still isn't really sleeping through the night without a fussy wake in the middle of the night... there was a few weeks there when I was just in tears on a daily basis about what to do! I tried the chiropractor, a counselor and finally the doctor just said, she'll figure it out! So I kind of just sighed and said... ok, just let her figure it out. 

There are still days I feel like crying because when she doesn't want to nap, she'll scream at the top of her little lungs but I just have to try and keep her on a little bit of a schedule. She seems to be adapting some days and others she rebels, but I guess that's to be expected. 

What made it doubly difficult was the days I had Mila I felt like I was neglecting her and focusing solely on Luna. She's gotten pretty good at helping and knowing when I need extra help if Luna is being difficult. I have to look at the silver lining each chance I get. She's sleeping in her own crib, she naps sometimes and most of all, she's a pretty happy baby. It's those little things I have to keep reminding myself of and take each day, each moment really, as it comes. 

Hopefully the next 2 months won't be nearly as stressful however she'll likely start getting teeth and throw a wrench in it to keep me on my toes! :)

Coming up on Saturday is Mila's 3rd birthday party! I can't believe she's going to be 3! It should be fun!

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