Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Luna's 1st Birthday

It's a question we as parents will ask (when we have the moment to sit down and think about it) 'Where does the time go?!' I know where it goes. It goes with the worry of naps and sleeping, of teething and eating, of tummy troubles and diaper rashes. It comes in the rush of trying to bathe one child while the baby cries in her chair... But then, it morphs into both taking a bath together. We also see it in the rolling over, the sitting, the crawling and standing. The babbling and waving and first words. Today our little Luna turns 1! This year truly seems like more of a blur than it had with her big sister! I can probably contribute a lot of that to her sleep issues and thus my lack of sleep and worry over it.

But my how she has grown! She's so spunky! I have since dubbed her my trouble child! After her infamous roll down the stairs at 6 months she started learning how to crawl and from then on she has gotten into everything! With Mila, we never really had to "baby-proof" the house just with the basics, but with Luna... give her an inch... I find her with something in her mouth or climbing a chair and onto the table (the toddler table), pulling things off of tables and chairs, trying to climb into the bathtub to play in the water, or scoot under a baby gate and today climbing up the stairs! Oh yeah... we're going to have our hands full with her! I have to watch her like a hawk! And all that and she still has yet to walk! But I think that's not too far off and then we're really in trouble!

She may not be much of a talker yet, but boy she can tell you what she wants with a point and a grunt! But she's also quite the cuddler under the right circumstances. She'll give hugs and kisses and she loves her big sister so much that she gets excited when we go into her room to wake her up. My favorite thing is to hear them laughing together. They are so alike but they are also so different. I'm so excited to see them grow together. 

Saturday we will have her birthday party. I know they'll both have fun because daddy has been working so hard to get the back yard ready. We are putting turf in because we had grubs destroy our lawn over the past two years. At least now the girls will have a place to play outside (in decent whether). So it will be doubly celebratory!

Happy Birthday little sunshine. 

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