Monday, September 28, 2015

A beautiful day

Today was a beautiful day! Last night was the Super blood moon lunar eclipse. Mila and I sat on our back lawn watching the eclipse and talking about the heavens making for such a great night. This morning started with a cuddle with both my girls on my lap reading a book. 

After breakfast, Nama joined us for tea and crumpets (actually maple and brown sugar muffins we made yesterday). We always love when we get to see Nama. 

This was later followed by Luna's first movie at the theater (Mila's 3rd). We went to see Hotel Transylvania 2. 

I was nervous taking Luna to the theater with it being loud and dark. But she did surprisingly awesome! She was so excited watching the big screen. She danced to music on the previews, giggled and pointed when she saw a dog and cuddled Nama and sissy Mila for the first 20 minutes or so while she munched on her snack. I also thought she said 'mama' at one point. 

When she finished her snack she decided to sit with me. That's when she was done watching the movie and decided she wanted to climb! Luckily we had the whole row of chairs to my right and she was happy traversing them for maybe another 20 minutes or so. Even quietly looking up at the rows of seats behind us and waving to people she could see in the dim light. Then she wanted bigger things to climb... Like the wall at the end of the aisle. She grabbed onto that thing and was trying to hoist herself up except I was holding onto her. She let out a loud scream in protest. I could no longer keep her happy romping over the seats. So I decided not to try to keep her there when she wanted to roam. She and I left the movie early but I was glad she did pretty good and seemed to have fun. 

I kept prodding her to say 'mama' and she kind of seemed to be testing me by stringing 'mamamama' together and when I would turn to her she'd smile coyly. 

Later, after picking up a somewhat grumpy Mila from Nama's house and returning home, I was playing peek-a-boo with Luna while changing her diaper and I said 'where's mama?' And when I uncovered my eyes she said 'hi mama!' With a big smile!

The evening ended with my pre bedtime snuggle time with Mila. As usual, Mila was stalling a bit by chatting and she said 'my eyes are sparkly, right mama?' Something I tell her often. 

'Yes they are'
'How did they get like that?'
'That's just the way they are love'
'Maybe when God was making me the Angels came and put sparkles in my eyes.'
'I think that's exactly how it happened lovey '

I almost cried. 

What a perfect way to end such a beautiful day. 

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