Thursday, October 1, 2015

Adventures in potty training

When I was pregnant with Mila I was nervous about everything! I would worry about if I didn't feel her move enough or if she was moving too much. Then she was born and everything was right in the world.

When I was pregnant with Luna I felt like I had a handle on it and I tried not to worry so much. Maybe that was my problem!! :) Don't get me wrong, when she was born, everything was right in our little world, just as she filled in her little spot in our family to make it whole. But Luna, well she is my handful of a child! She came to shake things up!

Obviously, children are different. They have different cries, different laughs, different personalities. Mila was, no muss, no fuss. Luna is Ms. Mussy Fussy! (Said with all of my love of course!) With Mila at daycare at 13 months they changed from 2 naps a day to one long one and she handled it, no problem! Luna, I'm just trying to make her morning and afternoon naps a little later and right now it seems like I'm torturing both of us! :) As for potty training, Mila started around 18 months and was pretty much done around 2!

Because of this I decided I should look into "early" potty training as I know Luna will be anything but easy. I was surprised to find out I was behind the eight ball! At least as far as cultures in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe are concerned. They start "elimination communication" with infants! It's really very fascinating and IF we ever have another baby I might consider it. But for now, "early" potty training will have to be what I try with Luna.

So some of the articles I've read say to let baby run around diaper free for a while to see if you can tell what signals they might give before peeing or pooping. I already know what Luna does before she poops as she gets into a baby version of the yoga "downward dog" except on her knees. So I was looking for pee cues.

My experiment started yesterday because it was a day Mila is at preschool so I don't have to entertain her while Luna is diaper free. After Luna's morning nap I took off her diaper and put her on the potty.


So I just let her play without her diaper. I just had to run downstairs to get the vacuum because I didn't want her little bare rump covered in dog hair. I was downstairs 10 seconds at most and came up to a little puddle. Well, mommy's mistake... So I sprayed carpet cleaner, blotted it up, put a chair over the area (after I cleaned her up of course) and vacuumed as quickly as I could. She was sitting so good while I vacuumed that when she moved I saw the little wet spot. Ok, accident number two. Cleaned Luna, cleaned carpet. This was about 20 minutes after the first. I finished vacuuming with no additional accidents.

Now it was lunch time I walked in the kitchen and took the food out of the fridge to warm and Luna followed me with her water bottle in hand. The next thing I know she dropped her water bottle and she fell over. Why did she fall over? She had peed all over the floor (biggest of the three) and slipped in it. I swear I didn't even hear the little tinkle! So I picked her up, cleaned her off and then the kitchen floor. All of the accidents happened within 40 minutes.

So our first day was a learning experience. I'm going to try the put her on the potty every 20-30 minute approach and see if we fare better. Today I actually got one pee to happen on the toilet! I'd say that's progress! I don't expect her to be potty trained in a short amount of time but I feel like the more of a routine we make it now, the easier it will be down the road.

Wish me luck!! :)

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