Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Adventures in Fiction

I am a day overdue for my blog! The rest of last week was fairly uneventful. The weekend came and I helped mom accomplish a big goal of re-painting the living room, dinning room and kitchen at the house in preparation for Ayrin's baby shower this weekend. It came out beautiful and we did it one day! :) Way to go mom!!! :) Marc was involved in the Tail Feathers Golf and Skeet shoot on Saturday and because he is so sweet, the mosquitoes decided to have a picnic on his legs. He came back with about 30 mosquito bites total!!!

Yesterday I was trying to think of what to write about. I don't want to bore my readers as most of them I talk to on a daily basis anyway. That's my trouble... what to write! Then I thought about my readers and what I've been reading and... Viola! I had a topic!

Today's Adventure: Books!

Does anyone else feel the excitement I feel when I get a new book? Or enjoy spending hours lost in the stacks of a bookstore or library? I love that feeling of looking at shelf upon shelf of literature and knowing that each one holds many wonders to be told! Whether it is non-fiction or fiction, the written word holds the promise of knowledge, imagination, thought and adventure! I used to read a lot more than I have in recent years and this is the first time in a long time that I've gotten to read more than one book over a few months. Recently I've had the chance to read some fiction, which is a luxury I don't get during the school semester. So far I have read 3 books. I know, this is a mere pittance to most serious readers but like I said, it's the most I've had the chance to read in quite a while and I am thoroughly enjoying it! It makes me dream about new adventures to far off and not so far off places! Currently I am reading "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown the author of The Da Vinci Code. I have enjoyed his books as they take the reader on a whirlwind thrill ride of mystery AND history. Two things I love! They involve conspiracies within secret orders that have survived centuries! The cool thing about his stories is that he makes the cities that the stories take place become so alive in my imagination by referencing real locations and histories about them and he includes the well known places like national monuments and also other places you might not think of as a point of interest. I have never really had a great interest in visiting our nations capital, except to see places like the Smithsonian and the usual national monuments, but after reading "The Lost Symbol" I really want to go to Washington D.C.! To visit the Capitol Rotunda and see Apotheosis of Washington, or to see the Almas Shrine Temple on Franklin Square. All things which are undoubtedly in the tourist books but have come alive in my mind from Brown's exciting story! The same is true in "Angels and Demons" where he describes the works of art like Bernini's Ecstasy of St. Theresa and the Castel Sant'Angelo that would be amazing to see in person. I have always wanted to go to Rome because it holds so much history and it represents some of the most dramatic changes in the history of the world!

This is the power of reading! It inspires, it creates, it enhances the mind! I love that I have had the chance to rekindle my love of the literature because having to read strictly for the purpose of classes had become tedious to me and although I was learning I was not comprehending some of the most intriguing parts about the "story" of what I was reading.

In my coming semester this fall, I will attempt to read my texts with the same pleasure I have gotten from the fictional novels I have allowed to distract my mind on these hot summer days and in doing so I hope my semester will be less of a chore than it has been these past few semesters!

Happy Reading!

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