Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today's blog doesn't have any thought provoking analysis of life. As this is part journal for me, it's just what events occured this week, and in fact, it's been quite eventful! :)

We had a success with the baby shower for Ayrin! It was quite a mad rush to get stuff done. I was glad to be able to help mom with painting and cleaning and decorating. I know it was a stressful ordeal for mom but she did such a great job getting everything done and putting care into every detail. The morning started with Sara and I decorating and mom cleaning. Our decorations came out great! Except the baloons that only wanted to pop and scare the be-jesus out of anyone around. So it was a jungle theme and for those who couldn't make it it turned out so cute! Little stuffed animals with some cute plants on the tables. Palm trees with baloon "pineapples". (Those were the only ones that didn't pop!). The games went great and everyone said they had a great time! Not as many people came as were expected so we had quite a few favor bags remaining. That was okay though because the animal magnets were so cute we each got a couple and there were some to give to Elijah and Ayrin. After the last of the party-goers left, and we cleaned up, I headed home to put together Elijah's baby present from us all, a stroller with car seat. It wasn't that hard and it turned out to be really cute! An ABC pattern.

So Sunday mom and I went to Elijah's place to drop off his gifts and put together his crib. That was a chore! The crib mom had gotten off of craigslist and so some of the hardware had already been installed so it made the already crappy directions seem like mumbo-jumbo!

Monday was Diana's birthday so Marc and I took her out to PF Changs China Bistro in Belmar. It was yummy and oh so very filling.

Tuesday I went to my first FOTR! That's Film on the Rocks for other un-initiated. :) I was meeting some friends at the Morrison and had some dinner before we headed to Red Rocks to see Clueless. A classic for many of us who were in high school (or nearly) when this first came out. The band that played was a local funk band called Bop Skizzum. They were really good! I got their EP because I liked them so much. The night was beautiful with nice cloud cover from the hot day. The comedienne was awful! Her jokes were too crude for the family friendly crowd and really not funny. Finally, when the movie did start we began to feel sprinkling and sure enough, it rained on and off throughout the movie. We were all hudled under our blankets laughing and saying lines and some "wooing" at Paul Rudd in his "break-out" role. All in all it was good, although wet, fun! :) I can't wait to do it again. But as with most things, next week is the last one of the summer and they're playing Lost Boys. An okay movie but not sure if I'll go. But next summer I'd love to go to more than one! We'll have to make a night of it!

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