Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blog and Me

I started this blog as a way to diary my adventure in Ireland, and an adventure it was! But since I've returned I have neglected by blog only posting two meager posts. It was Sara that asked me if I was still blogging and I told her I want to, but what do I have to blog about? I have thought to myself "I don't have anything interesting to write about, my life is so boring".  Then I looked at the name of my blog "Life is an Adventure" and it dawned on me that, although my adventures may not be as interesting at times as my trip to Ireland, it is in the eye of the beholder and... of course, the blogger! So I have decided to endeavour to find the adventure in my everyday life. I may not post daily as I had done in Ireland but I aim to post frequently, about the daily adventures I take note of. Feel free to comment and let me know about your adventures as well! I think it will be a good way to diary life because I'll never remember the little things or sometimes the details of the big events of life. So I also encourage my readership (small and family oriented though it may be) to comment or even start a blog and I will be sure to become your follower as well! I would also like to note that I will be adding pictures from Ireland to my previous posts so that everyone can enjoy in the beauty I saw on the Emerald Isle. That being said...
Today's Adventure: To Do List!
Okay, I know this doesn't usually thrill anyone... having a list of things to do may seem daunting, especially when you keep thinking of things to add to it, but it can be helpful also. Some people may be more adept at envisioning their grand (and not so grand) schemes without a list and I highly commend them but that is definitely not me! Ask Marc, he says I have lists on post-it notes everywhere. This is the rest of us... without listing out what needs to be done, we have all of these ideas jumbling around in our brain until they are so mixed about that hardly anything acutally gets done and it leaves us feeling disappointed. So I am a furvent supporter of lists. To that end, I must say that I love Apple's apps. I have an ipod Touch and with it I have downloaded free apps for making lists. One of the Apps is for grocery shopping and you can arrange the "aisles" for each item, in the order that the aisles are at the store you generally shop at. I've heard that it is the most efficient way to do your shopping so that you are not going from front of the store to back of the store and back to the front because you forgot something listed on the bottom of your list that's kept in the front of the store! My mom taught me that. (Thanks mom!) Okay, no, you don't need an iPhone or iPod Touch to make your lists, you can make them on paper, like my previous sticky habit, but this actually helps me more because I don't have random sticky notes falling from random places where I thought I would remember them! :)
So... In the spirit of list making, I have decided to make a list on my blog of things I would like to accomplish before the end of this year. Then I'll post a new list for the new year and update what I did or did not accomplish!
Well, here goes!
The top 5 things I want to accomplish:
1. Graduate from Metro with my Bachelor's degree!
(yep, this is number one on my list because it's been a long time coming. I just have to survive my final semester... hopefully with A's and in good spirits. The second half of this is to get a new job but seeing as that will have to wait until I graduate this will be part of my new year list.)
2. Finish our kitchen and start another home project
(Marc did such a great job refinishing the cabinets while I was in Ireland, now I have to choose a paint color and get to work, then add some finishing touches like new electrical covers, new blind on window and above cabinet deco then get on with the next house project... the bathroom!)
3. Start saving money!
(I've been saying I'm going to do this for a long time but it never gets accomplished, maybe putting it a list that will be reviewed for accomplishments will make it a reality)
4. Get into a work out routine

(I work out but just not on a regular regimented basis... I would probably be more energetic if I remidied that!)

5. Get a hobby
(It occurs to me that I don't have a hobby that I enjoy doing to get away from other things. I would like to find out what my hobby might be to fill that void. In Ireland Elle was knitting a beanie that came out so cute! I would like to do that. I would also like to learn to play my guitar efficiently but during the semester this is hard as I have enough studying to do, if only it came easy to me.)
Well, that is my list. I plan on focusing to accomplish as much of it as I can and thus be more successful in my adventure of life. That's it for today! We'll see what I run into the rest of the week!

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Serenity said...

Ah lists...I to am a 'sticky note' nut. But it's difficult with stickies everywhere, and you're not really sure which is a priority sticky as they all look the same, no matter how "BOLD" you make your writing, there's always another one similar. So no you don't NEED an Iphone/Ipod to do those cool lists, but sure are helpful! :)
As far as your 5 goals for the rest of the year. Cheers! I think your goals are well thought out and easily accomplish-able. Perhaps for practicing guitar you should just have it sitting with you while you watch tv and on commercial breaks you work on one or two chords, just switching in between to get the hands used to it?
Congrats sis! Move forward with your adventure!