Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today's TOTD:  "I would not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum." Frances Willard

Last night, I became one of "them". Who, you ask? An iPhone owner. Yes, I gave in, much to the dismay of some family members who shall remain nameless, believing it to be a folly to give in to the hype. Technically, I wasn't giving in to the hype. I seriously needed a new phone as my beloved blackberry has been freezing mid activity or dying half way through the day after a whole night on the charger. True, I didn't "need" to get an iPhone to replace my ailing phone and I was seriously on the fence about it too, I mean... $200 for a phone? Marc wanted me to trade him and he would get the new iPhone and I would get his 3GS. (Yes, now he totally has phone envy). Then oddly "fate" intervened. Having gone grudgingly up to Blackhawk with my mother-in-law (I say grudgingly because I think gambling is pointless and boring... at least for a non-risk taking gambler like me) we actually won $200. Who am I to ignore fate? Yes I jest because certainly that money could have been used on far better things... stuff for my nephew coming next week, groceries, gas, etc. But I gave in. Now I have this phone, for better or worse!

Subsequently, I thought that there must be an "app" for Blogger so that I can automatically update my blog from my phone should I find myself without a computer (tragic... I know). However, there is not a Blogger app! I was somewhat irritated at this revelation. There are other blog apps and a couple that allow you to manage several blogs that include Blogger but not an app specifically for Blogger! Ah well, guess you can't do everything with an iPhone.  :)

So we'll see how I fare with this technological "wonder" over the length of my ownership. I shall keep you posted! :)

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Anonymous said...

You will become a zombie IPhone user ;) One who checks every 5 minutes if they have an email/text/fb comment, and if you don't, you'll decide to play a game or check your other aps to see what's going on...I'm just sayin. Bewaaaare! :D