Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Childbirth Prep Class

Well, last night we attended our first childbirth preparation class. This class is one of several that can be taken at the hospital for a cost. It is a four classes, one night a week for four weeks from 6-9 p.m. There were about 9 couples and they all seemed quite friendly. Two other couples have the same midwife as we do so I'm hoping I'll have a chance to chat with them to see what their experiences have been so far. Most of the couples there are due either in November or December. One couple is due in March but she's like me and wanted to get the information as much ahead of time as possible. :)

So the class went pretty much as expected. A discussion of the anatomy of pregnancy and how the baby grows, a get to know you portion and a couple videos. I liked the teacher who is a nurse and did Labor and Delivery for 15 years. One of the fun parts of the class was a little question sheet where each person had to answer two questions. Marc had to answer what he was most looking forward to in labor and birth and the second was what has his favorite part of the pregnancy been. He made me smile. His answer to the first was that he wants the labor over as quickly as possible... AMEN! Let's keep our fingers crossed on that one. The second answer he said it's been feeling the baby move and also my physical transformation. He told the class how he'd known me since middle school and how I've been a 105 for so long that it's amazing to see the changes I'm going through and especially in comparison to my twin. Good answers hubby!

My two questions were less interesting. The first was if I've had any food cravings. I have not, which is kind of unfortunate for the purpose of answering the question. But I have had a single food aversion which has been bacon. Don't like the look of it, the smell of it, keep it away! The second question was if I'd had any weird dreams, and again, I have not! Some of the women had some interesting dreams. One said she dreamed that she had her little girl and the little girl was talking to her and moving around like an adult but was still in an infant body! Another woman said she dreamed her baby had big sharp dog teeth. She said it was her fear that breastfeeding will be uncomfortable that probably brought that one about. Yeah, sharp teeth would definitely be uncomfortable to say the least! And finally, one of the father's said his weird recurring dream is that he's back in college and late for his exams. He thinks that his fear must be he'll be late for the birth!

All in all, it was interesting. Wish it didn't have to go until 9! But we have three more sessions to go. Hopefully it remains an enlightening experience!

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