Thursday, September 1, 2011

Less squeezable!

For those of you who don't know me, in my non-pregnant state I'm. . . Well, skinny! I'm used to being able to squeeze my way past closely parked cars, or into the elevator just as the doors are closing. . . You know, that kind of thing. When I was in elementary school, our gym was used for big non-sporting events with food and tables and chairs. When not in use, those tables and chairs would be folded up and stuck into the recessed area at the end of the gym. When us kids would play basketball or something during our P.E. class, if a ball got stuck behind the tables and chairs, I could easily worm my way through to retrieve said ball.

In another example, a few years ago when Marc and I went caving in Glenwood Caverns but before anyone was allowed in, they had to make sure you could fit through a mock up of the smallest area that we would encounter in the cave. It was almost like threading a needle for me! Well, today was the first time I tried to let someone squeeze by me as I held the door open and my preggo tummy got in the way! Now just to clarify. . . My tummy is not that big yet. I attribute this "grazing of he tummy" incident to the fact that this delivery person wasn't a very efficient cart driver (she was delivering groceries to out office). The door to the office barely opened and I hear clunk! Clunk! the door shuts slightly and another attempt is made. I hop out of my chair to help and as I push open the door she hits the wall with the back of the cart. Then I try to remain flat against the door so she can get through and thats when she grazed my tummy. See! Obviously her driving skills need improvement! Well, either way, she had to back out of the door so I could move fully out the door to hold it open for her instead of my usual squeeze up flat with the door to get by. That was as "flat" as I could go! *sigh*

Well I guess for now, I'm not as squeezable as I'm used to being!

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