Friday, October 14, 2011

Drake's 3rd Birthday

 It was my puppers 3rd Birthday yesterday!! Yes, I know in dog years he's something like drinking age, but he's still my little pup!! Because he's our first (furry) child we have to make it a special day! It actually started on Wednesday.  Last year I made him a pupcake but this year I didn't have time to make one. So we went to Wag N Wash to get a bath, some new toys and a birthday treat. The pupcakes they had were miniscule and the larger birthday cake was $18 and totally not worth that price! So we got him a beef loaf and they piped "Happy Birthday" for us on it.
Birthday Beef Loaf

So last night we got home and sang him happy birthday. I even put a little paper birthday hat on him that Marc kept on his head while we sang. Then as soon as Marc let it go, batted it off of his head and tried to chew it... classic Drake.
Birthday pup!

So he got a bit of his birthday beef loaf in his dinner and he also got to play with one of his new toys, a super tough stuffed saber tooth tiger. He loved it!

Drake at 8 weeks old.
Drake at 3 years old!
They grow up so fast!! Happy Birthday Drake! To many more!!

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Anonymous said...

Yay Drake
Happy Birthday, WOOF!
Gramp Pete