Sunday, October 2, 2011

What a Blast!

Well, S-Day came and went with what I think was an enormous success! Friends, family, food and fun. The ultimate party concoction! Sara and mom threw me a beautiful party with all the love in their hearts and it went off with only one hitch... the music game! We were so looking forward to this game. It was supposed to be like name that tune except that all the songs were songs with the wordy "Baby" in the title. Sister had spent a whole day cutting the songs to 3 second parts and when the time came, the darn CD player wouldn't play it. What a bummer! But other than that, baby Pictionary was fun with some interesting interpretations of the cards. :)

Of course we got A LOT of things for the baby and I feel so very blessed. Sister also made me a poster board of the progress my baby bump has made over the last few months. Everyone decorated a onesie for the baby with fabric paint and of course, the food was awesome. Although, I wish I had gotten more chicken salad and one of the chocolate nests we made for everyone! Not much more to be said except Thank you Lord for all of the wonderful people I have in my life but most especially to my sister and mom, how special you make me feel!

Enjoy the pictures
Grandma trying not to get dirty as she paints a onesie.

Our first prize winner!

Me trying to multi task with the video camera and timer during baby pictionary.

Everyone deep in guessing mode during Pictionary.

Opening the gifts!
My baby bump progress.

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Anonymous said...

It was a great party! Lots of fun too! And yes your mom and Sara did an excellent job throwing it. :) And you did alot to help too. Thanks for inviting me! High fives and big hugs all around! Lots more still ahead. Your birthday and your "" day. Now what's in store for the big 3-0? ;)